At Lighthouse Nutrition Associates, we believe in the benefits of a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet. The power lies in what you include on your plate, not what you exclude – it’s the plants that hold the magic!

Suzanne Smith


BS in Dietetics, Syracuse University 1991, Commission on Dietetic Registration, Registered Dietician

1991 - PRESENT
Licensed Dietitian / Nutritionist (LDN)


Certified in Plant Based Nutrition, Cornell University

I'm dedicated to helping you maintain your health and reach your goals.

Suzanne Smith, RD, LDN

It begins with the freshman 15 (or perhaps 30) – those pounds that I packed on in my first year of college. I can’t quite remember whether it was the chicken patties in the dining hall, the ice cream or the beer, but I was not quite the same after my Freshman year. That summer, I stumbled on a magazine article promising quick weight loss. The lower calorie eating plan provided a list of categories, the foods in each and the recommended daily servings. I followed along carefully, supplementing it with my Jane Fonda workout tape.

By the end of my sophomore fall semester, I was 35 pounds lighter but started to notice problems. Every time I stood up, I got lightheaded and I was also really tired and looked pale – eventually, I learned that I had iron deficiency anemia.

I can still hear the doctor when she questioned me about my dieting history, “Would you run your car without gasoline?” She explained that my body was like a car – it needed the proper fuel to live and thrive. I was intrigued.

After some supplemental iron, I felt like a new person and began to really question my college major. In the fall of my junior year in college, I entered the Dietetic Program and by 1992, I was officially an RD.

After college, I worked in a long-term care facility and went on to land a position with a food service company. I spent years traveling the country and putting systems in place to offer nutrition care to the elderly. It was these positions that truly helped me to understand what a lifetime of bad habits can do to your health.

In my 30’s, I took time off to have 3 children. Trying to balance life as a working Mom, a wife, and managing my own wants and desires with theirs, I began to struggle again. The strict controls that helped me to lose weight before no longer worked, and the pressure led me to become an emotional eater. Eventually, therapy and eating whole, natural foods helped me learn how to be nice to myself and find my equilibrium. If you struggle with emotional eating, I understand and know firsthand the shame and despair of being stuck in that cycle.

One day, I found an article about the Seventh Day Adventists and the health of their community due to their vegetarian lifestyle. While I had heard that vegetarians were generally healthy, I had been taught that variety and moderation were the keys to ‘good health.’ I had also been led to believe that I needed an abundance of daily protein and felt that my diet of chicken, fish and occasional venison was the healthiest option. After reviewing the science, I could no longer ignore the fact that vegetarians are among the healthiest people on the planet.

To learn more, I enrolled in the plant-based nutrition course offered through Cornell University and found the information fascinating. As a result, I transitioned to a whole food, plant-based diet. After receiving a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition I decided to make it my life’s work to share the message with others.

It’s been four years and I have never felt better – eating whole foods makes me feel amazing every day and it has helped tremendously with managing my weight. I lost 20 pounds since going plant-based at a very slow rate of a pound a month and have settled into a very comfortable weight – one that suits me. And, I have maintained it effortlessly since then.  It’s an incredible gift to no longer struggle with my weight.

I cannot imagine a more fulfilling experience than helping a new client transform their life, it’s truly magical and my life’s work. I want to help you be your healthiest self, too!